We are excited to announce a new Hobie Product line called “the Hobie Mirage Eclipse.” This is a Stand Up Paddle board with a MirageDrive, “#STEPonandGO”. For more information, please visit the listing for the MirageEclipse in our showroom. We will have this new product in stock this summer. We will make another announcement when we have the boards in stock. At this moment, we have pre-sold the boards that we will get for sure. We can take orders but the boards will mostly likely be available in early or middle of August.

eclipse mirage        eclipsem     mirageeclipse

Starting on Saturday May 7, we will be open from 9am to 4pm on Saturdays.

We hope to see many at our lot and soon on the water.


The Quiet Waters Team

WELCOME TO Quiet Waters Sailboats