At Quiet Waters Sailboats, we are getting ready for the 2017 season. We had a really great Show season this year and we are excited for the season to come. We would like to thank all of those who visited our booths and those who ordered a sailboat or SUP. Currently we have our SUPs in stock, we have received our load of Hobie Mirage Eclipses. If you have pre-ordered an SUP or Eclipse, please contact us to set up a day and time for pick up or delivery. Our Hobie Cats are coming in the second week of May.

We have great news, the HOBIE MIRAGE ECLIPSE will be in our rental fleet this coming season. The price is listed under the rental tab. We are excited to announce that Hobie is changing the looks of the sailboats. The hulls will have yellow and orange stripes, while the sails will have orange and yellow in it. Please have a look at the pictures below and in our showroom.

eclipse mirage    hobie-wave-2017    hobie-bravo-2017

During the 2017 season, we will have a few more models of the Kahuna Paddleboards in stock and on display. Kahuna has come out with a few new models for 2017, these are the Aloha 11-2 Touring, the iSUP Touring and the iSUP Zen Yoga. Please have a look at our showroom for more information and a picture of each these boards.

We are getting used sailboats and catamarans in and if you are looking for one, please do not hesitate to contact or keep checking out our online inventory.

We are open Monday through Saturday, so please contact us if you have any questions about a product or if you would like to order a product for the upcoming season.


The Quiet Waters Team

WELCOME TO Quiet Waters Sailboats