Kahuna Aloha 10-2

Kahuna Aloha 10-2

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The Kahuna Aloha 10-2 was developed as a price point entry level series. The board is great for anyone just getting started with the sport of Paddleboarding, and also for rental operations.

KAHUNA makes these recreational boards in a 9’, 10’ or 11’ lengths in one color way for each size, all with plenty of width. The 9’6″ X 32” & 10’2″ X 33” & 11’ X 34”. Similar in construction to the Epic Series, the Aloha Series has 2 layers of glass on the bottom. But it has only 2 layers on the top with a 3rd layer of glass in the standing zone on top that wraps the rail to help protect from paddle dings and bonks.

Like all KAHUNA Boards, the Aloha’s will have the Tye-Down, Gortex Vent Valve, & High Gloss Finish. In addition, the Aloha Series has a new Crocodile textures deck pad that’s colored making it easy to identify.

The Aloha Series boards all come with a Fiberglass Shaft Paddle, Plastic Blade and a rubber paddle guard built in. The rubber will protect the board from the recreational paddlers strokes against the boards rails. So the board will last much longer.

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