Kahuna iSUP Touring Lite

Kahuna iSUP Touring Lite

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The Kahuna iSUP Touring Lite is a smaller version of Kahuna’s very popular iSUP Touring at 11’0 x 31” x 4.75”. The Touring Lite is perfect for smaller paddlers looking for a board that can handle extra cargo. This board still has large capacity, at 275 pounds.

The iTouring comes as a package, which includes a dual action high velocity pump, 3-piece full carbon paddle, coil leash, 11” touring fin, repair kit and a wheelie bag for easy transport.

If you are looking for a board that can be conveniently stored, easily transported and has the pedigree to take you on extended paddling adventures: look no further than the KAHUNA iSUP Touring.

Package includes: board, fin, leash, wheelie bag & 3-piece full carbon paddle.

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