Kahuna iSUP Wahine

Kahuna iSUP Wahine

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Similar to our Men’s All Terrain models, the Kahuna iSUP Wahine is 10’ 2” by 4.75” thick. Therefore it is the most stable load bearing female specific iSUP. Most iSUP’s are 4” thick, the Kahuna iSUP Wahine is 4.75” thick. This allows you to reach a higher PSI so you can pack lots of gear if you go on an adventure. If you are limited with storage or want to go to some remote locations, the Wahine iSUP is the choice.

For 2016 we went back to the drawing board with the Board Bag. We designed a totally new Wheelie & Carry Bag, (2 in one) which holds the Board, Paddle, and the accessories. The straps can be tucked away if you’re traveling and wheeling.
Yet you can use the bag as a Bag Pack to go anywhere you may desire.

With the board in the wheelie bag, including the Kahuna 3pc Full Carbon Paddle, the complete kit weighs less than 30lbs. This also makes the board easy to carry or now wheel through the airport.

Included with the Wahine Board is the Wheelie Bag, High Velocity Dual Action Pump, Coil Leash, 3pc Carbon Paddle, Fins, Thumbscrew & the Repair Kit. So now its time to get out and play or try some Yoga.

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