Kona Molokai 10.7 AST

Kona Molokai 10.7 AST

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With the Kona Molokai 10.7 AST Kona refines the windSUP concept. The popular Moloka’i board has been equipped with a daggerboard improving its sailing qualities. It is well suited for the whole family that wants to learn to windsurf as well as to paddleboard. This is the board for leisure cruising at a fine summer day and even light wave riding. Moloka’i 10.7 WS is preferably combined with the new Kona windsup rig. Together the two offer the rider a very affordable alternative with a great variety of uses, including paddleboarding, windsup, windsurfing and even yoga.

The board has a stable design, yet with a very good glide in flat water and wave riding qualities. Just like the other Moloka’i models it is equipped with leash plugs in front and in the back for easy packaging. To capture your ride the board is also equipped with a FCS plug to mount your Go Pro-gear.

This board will make your summer day perfect!

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