Roel Wester Splash

Roel Wester Splash

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The Roel Wester Splash has been designed especially for young sailors, aged 13 to 19. The Splash is not just fast, but also easy to handle. A winning concept for over 25 years! This modern racing and recreational sailboat fits the body of young sailor like a glove. The Splash does not sail spectacularly just because a Force-3 wind already gets it planing, but also boasts great trimming options.

Sailing Properties

The Splash is a sporty boat with very direct steering. It reacts quickly to any gust, sprinting away and sailing close to the wind. Coming about is child’s play, literally. The boom is high enough to come about problem-free.

Direct steering means the Splash does not capsize easily. And if you do, you just easily pull it back up and continue sailing. While you sail, the trim lines are easy to operate and the view from the helm is clear all around.

Two people can easily carry the Splash to the shore and rigging the boat is a one-person job. In short: the Splash meets all expectations and is the most suited craft for young, sporty sailors.

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