RS Aero 9

RS Aero 9

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The RS Aero 9 is the product of three years of design and development, testing four different hull variations and numerous rig, foil and layout options. Therefore resulting in a boat that we are confident is the most technically advanced in its sector.

The RS Aero completely re-sets the standard for pure exhilaration in a simple single-hander. Ultra-light weight means the hull form and rigs need not be extreme, so the RS Aero is remarkably easy to handle.

And light weight makes the RS Aero exceptionally user-friendly on shore: Virtually anyone can lift the boat onto a car roof-rack, pulling it up the beach.

Our philosophy has always been to prioritize ultra-light weight, performance and practicality in order to produce a simple, yet refined and durable single-hander that will suit any sailor between 77 and 210lbs.

Standard Features

  • Every aspect of the simple shape has been considered to minimize weight and maximize cost-efficient manufacture:
  • Flatter panels on the chined hull allow construction from normal flat sheets of PU foam. Thus reducing the weight of the core bond
  • Having “Chine” angles on the deck add form stiffness without additional weight
  • The low surface area reduces weight and material costs
  • The simple shape reduces time in the manufacturing process
  • Epoxy resin is used for its high strength and low water absorption properties.
  • Woven glass mat is used throughout the hull.
  • Because Carbon fiber is used in all high load areas such as both hull and deck around the mast step, the hiking region of the deck, all around the gunwales and the transom, the boat is strong.
  • Due to its ultra-light weight and the high elongation at break of the epoxy resin system, the RS Aero has proven to be remarkably durable.
  • Yet the boat is so astonishingly light it is possible when landing to deliberately capsize the boat. You can also carry it up the beach single handed. You do this by holding the top of the daggerboard and the boom! Pulling the boat up the beach on a trolley will make you smile.
  • So Young sailors and small women can lift the RS Aero onto a roof-rack.
  • The tooling has been CNC machined which gives maximum control over shape and symmetry.


  • Deck Cover
  • Foil Bag
  • Dolly and Trailer


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