RS Feva S w/Gennaker

RS Feva S w/Gennaker

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The RS Feva S w/Gennaker is the most modern and unique small sailboat in the world. Young or old, it offers simply great sailing. Amazing value and fun for adults and youth.

It is a World leading double-hander with a huge race circuit and recreational following across the globe, an International best seller!

The worlds best selling two-person sailboat in recent years, an ISAF International Class, winner of Dinghy of the Year in the USA, Coup de Coeurs in France, an RYA Recognised Junior class. The list of honours goes on and on. The RS Feva is the benchmark in small sailboats.

One of the largest and fastest growing fleets in the World!
World leading double handed race boat – with cockpit space to allow young sailors or adults to love it.

Standard Features for the RS Feva S w/Gennaker

  • Unbattened mainsail and jib
  • Perfect for training and holiday centers
  • Uses the same mast and boom as XL and XL Race spec
  • 73sq ft Gennaker

Options for the RS Feva S w/Gennaker

  • Top cover – breathable
  • Under cover
  • Launching trolley
  • Road trailer combi base
  • Padded rudder bag
  • Padded daggerboard bag
  • Race outhaul & boom vang
  • Padded spar bag
  • Carbon tiller extension
  • Mast head float
  • Burgee wind indicator
  • TackTick Micro compass with bracket
  • Race rope pack
  • Spinnaker pack
Buy For $9,195
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