Quiet Waters Sailboats has the following rental Sailboats and Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Boards. There is a minimum of 2 days for the rentals. If you have to cancel your rental booking, there will be a one day rental amount for the product charged. Our rental sailboats come on a trailer with a 1 7/8 size ball.

If you decide to buy a boat or SUP after that you rent one we will deduct the rental price. (during that season)

Hobie Mirage Ecliupse: $125 per day/ $625 per week

Great exercise, easy to use, 1 person and no experience required

Laser: $85 per day/ $425 per week
One Sail, Experience helps
1 or 2 people


Hobie Bravo: $90 per day/ $450 per week
Easy rigging
1 or 2 people


Hobie Wave: $100 per day/ $500 per week
Main sail
Easy to rig
1 to 4 people

Hobie Tandem Island: $125 per day/ $625 per week
Furling Main sail
Mirage drive and paddle
1 to 2 people


PiXel: $100 per day/ $500 per week
Main and Jib
2 to 4 people


Hunter 146: $150 per day/ $750 per week
Main and Jib
1 to 4 people

SUP Vendetta
$45 per day/ $80 per weekend/ $225 per week
Comes with a paddle and a leash